About USA Pellet Mill

USA Pellet Mill CO, It is an incubator company that represents and advises manufacturers from all over the world, also distributes directly to America. We are direct manufacturers of the products that advertise on our website. The experience acquired in years in the machinery led us to form alliances with different large and medium companies, which began to manufacture the products with qualities and finishes to our order to be able to market in America machines that produce with excellent yields reaching a useful life Durable for the time. We are headquartered in Miami, United States, from where orders are centralized and processed to be distributed directly to the country of destination in America. How do we do it? What differentiates us from any other company is that we produce products of all sizes, so that whatever the development our customers may need, having their needs covered no matter how small. This is how we achieve that a small entrepreneur can elaborate and market, give added value to the same products as any mega enterprise, adjusting to their budget. MissionMake machines and make the purchase a simple experience available to anyone.


  • We lead by example
  • We work as a team
  • We respect the person
  • We analyze the facts and provide our opinion
  • We communicate openly and honestly
  • We are committed to the community
  • First of all, we act with integrity

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