Pellet Mill Rotating Roller MKFD300RB

Ideal for making pellets of alfalfa, forage, biomass and/or balanced animal feed.

Pellet Mill Rotating Roller MKFD300RB Pellet Mill Rotating Roller MKFD300RB Pellet Mill Rotating Roller MKFD300RB Pellet Mill Rotating Roller MKFD300RB Pellet Mill Rotating Roller MKFD300RB

Technical Specifications

Pellet Mill Rotating Roller
550- 660 lbs/hr (Wood) / 990- 1320 lbs/hr (Feed)
22 kw
Power Type:
53 x 32 x 48 inch
1362 lbs
$ 10,976.00  
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Pellet Mill Rotating Roller MKFD300RB


The rotating roller pellet mill is a variation of the fixed die pellet mill. This type of pellet mill is specialized for the production of biomass fuel for farm or industrial use. This pelleting machine can be used to process a variety of materials including sawdust, straw, bamboo shavings, bagasse, alfalfa, peanut shells, and chaff.

The main advantage of using a rotating roller over having the die rotate and the rollers in a fixed position in the pellet mill, is that as the rollers rotate over the static die they facilitate the movement and stirring of materials, while also providing a stronger compression and ultimately producing a premium pellet from almost all biomass or organic material.  

Special features:

1. The gearbox is made of high quality steel, which provides great durability, increase efficiency and capacity, while reducing noise and temperature in the gearbox. 

2. The main shaft has been designed to withstand heavy loads and strong axial forces, increasing its durability.

3. Using a roller with a large diameter this pellet mill yields a higher pelletization rate, more pellet uniformity and increased pellet strength. 

4. Both rollers and dies have wear-resistant surfaces. In addition, since both sides of the die can be used it lasts much longer.

5. All bearings are sealed to prevent the dust contamination.

This machine is shipped with the user's manual and toolkit for operation and lubrication. The machine includes one flat Die to produce 6mm diameter pellets.  

We also have available for sale a selection of dies to produce pellets with the following diameters: 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, and 10 mm.

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