Pellet Mill Ring Die MKRD420C-W

Ideal for making pellets of alfalfa, forage, biomass and/or balanced animal feed.

Pellet Mill Ring Die MKRD420C-W Pellet Mill Ring Die MKRD420C-W Pellet Mill Ring Die MKRD420C-W Pellet Mill Ring Die MKRD420C-W

Technical Specifications

Pellet Mill Ring Die
2,200 - 4,400 lbs/hr
90kW + 2.2kW + 1.1kW + 3kW
Power Type:
Electric w/Panel
43 x 106 x 79 inch
6614 lbs
$ 67,086.00 + $ 0.00 Shipping
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Pellet Mill Ring Die MKRD420C-W


These type of pellet mill is the most used in the biomass industry. The ring die form allows for all the force generated by the motor to be used to produce pellets making it a very efficient machine. 

Operation: The milled raw material is loaded through the top feeder which moves the material to the front part of the machine, where a second motor powers an auger forcing the material into the rig die. This automated process makes pellets of biomass such as wood, animal feed, forage, etc. All pellets exit the machine  through the bottom opening of the front cover. 

Pellets come out at a temperature between 50 - 80 ºC.

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